“Mike has extraordinary empathy and an ability to work in the moment.”


A bit about me

I am passionate about the value that coaching creates at all levels of any organisation.

I started my career working on building sites in Barnsley and Wigan. As unlikely as it seems, it was probably the perfect foundation on which to build a coaching career.

I have been fortunate to have held leadership roles in several organisations in the past, providing me with the insight and understanding of the day-to-day realities my clients face.

Since then, I’ve been coaching senior leaders for almost two decades. During this time, I’ve seen whole companies transform into more productive and happier places to work, just from introducing coaching into the business.

What's important


While a coaching programme always benefits the organisation, my approach is to focus on the individual in front of me. We are all made up of the library of our past experiences, life circumstances, beliefs and values, which has a direct impact on who we are at work and how we perform.

When the coaching centres around the individual within the context of the company agenda, we work on individual barriers, beliefs, self-doubt, work issues, home issues - anything that the coachee needs to tackle in order to move forward.

A safe place to be vulnerable

I provide everyone with a confidential and safe place to feel and express vulnerability. Giving ourselves permission to drop our guard can increase our self-worth, help us to empathise with others, build trust with the people around us, overcome challenges and solve problems. In other words, it helps to develop the kind of people you would want on your team.

Outcome focussed

It's important to me that coaching is grounded in reality, understanding the day to day realities leaders face. I continually invest in my own development, seeking out emerging thinking, techniques, and methods to enhance the coaching experience for my clients.

My role is to enable my clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to help them to design a plan, and equip them to achieve their goals. I provide 'in the moment' feedback and support my clients to retain accountability.

1-to-1 Coaching


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