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Coaching adds value in so many different ways

There are multiple ways to incorporate the main tenets of coaching into individual development programmes. In reality, all coaching work is bespoke and centered around the individual. But sometimes we can find different ways to deliver coaching or we can focus on a specific situation during the coaching work.

Traditional 7 session coaching assignment

My flagship offering with seven sessions of 1-to-1 coaching enabling you to gain significant progress. The coaching is driven by you, your needs, and your goals. Sometimes a line manager is involved, but for C-level, the work is entirely driven by you.

The sessions will consider who you are as a leader, or potential leader and your impact on the organisation. But we’re focused on you first and we consider your goals and the challenges you need to meet to become more effective in your leadership role.

My role is to support you on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

First 100 Days

Your first 100 days in a new role are crucial and an indicator of how successful you will continue to be. And you will be scrutinised by those above and those below. There are many different things to think about and do in order to optimise the impact you make. Over the years, I have coached many leaders through this process.

I break it down into three key phases and we work through each phase together. This focused coaching approach will help you to craft a clear plan, figure out how to prioritise your time, identify the key relationships you need to build, connect with and engage with to make your own team feel much more confident.

Individual Leadership Development Programme

Discover and realise your leadership brilliance. The Individual Leadership Development Programme (IDLP) is a bespoke, rigorous and practical programme that gets to the heart of what new and emerging leaders need in order to take their capabilities to the next level.

This programme is an in-depth 1-2-1 journey that includes the renowned Hogan diagnostic process and a rigorous 360° leadership insight into capabilities, skills, strengths and areas where you need some development. This programme will help you to shift and adapt your style to enhance the way you engage, influence and inspire your team.

Leadership Insights 360°

This is leadership awareness like you’ve never had before: The Leadership Insights 360° is an in-depth process that offers a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on your leadership style and practice. It’s a bespoke, rigorous, and practical approach that offers a deeper level of insight than any standard off-the-shelf 360° tools.

The process involves 1:1 interviews with 6-8 people who experience you at work and see your leadership in action. From there, a detailed report that identifies key themes, strengths, and potential areas for development is created. Used in conduction with my Seven Session coaching assignment, this 360° add-on will help you identify where you need to make changes, and have the support you need to embed those changes that will make you an even more effective leader.

Walk and Talk coaching

Sitting in a room or coaching via Zoom or Teams doesn’t suit everyone. I offer walk and talk coaching sessions around the English Lake District, where I live. I’ve also run outdoor coaching sessions along the river Thames and around a Lake in Germany. Wherever you are, we can find an outdoor space that will free the mind and allow you to relax and enjoy the coaching session.

I can also build a full day’s coaching where we focus on what I call Peak Performance. As a qualified UK Mountain Leader, I can take you into the great outdoors and change your perspective on life, work, and what you want to achieve. From early 2022 I’ll be combining coaching with more adventurous mountain trips to Scafell Pike, Snowdon, or Ben Nevis.

Immunity to change coaching

As a leadership coach, I understand that people find aspects of personal change difficult. Sometimes it's easy to see why and in other cases this resistance is far more puzzling. A coachee with all the skills and smarts to make a change with ease and who shows a deep commitment to the business - and yet inexplicably they do nothing!!

Immunity to change coaching works on the basis that even as they hold a sincere commitment to change, many people are unwittingly applying energy towards a hidden competing commitment. For example, the person who won't collaborate despite a passionate and sincere commitment to teamwork, may be equally dedicated to avoiding the conflict that naturally happens in any ambitious team.

Immunity to change coaching is a deep process that asks people to call into question, and challenge, the underlying beliefs, and assumptions they've held for a long time; all in service of making the changes they need in order to become more successful.

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