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Creating teams with spirit, purpose & agility

The way people work in teams has changed dramatically. Hot desking, working from home, volatility/uncertainty, and lack of day-to-day human interaction creates a tension on the effectiveness of your teams.

I use selected coaching principles to help your teams perform and communicate to the best of their ability. This is a selection of team-based services that can transform team performance in your organisation.

High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA)

Right now teams are your biggest source of untapped competitive advantage. Our HPTA service is a world-class diagnostic that enables team members to provide feedback around the effectiveness of their team against 12 key drivers shown to promote team performance success.

These drivers include; accountability, collaboration, results, and resilience. The HPTA is the best team diagnostic process in the market I have experienced. This work can be combined with a bespoke team development and/or coaching programme.

Bespoke Team Development & Coaching

Teams are made up of individuals. Their collective energy and personalities create a unique character and dynamic in the team. New team members coming in, new management, change in the organisation, and other external or internal factors can interrupt the team’s harmony and effectiveness.

Using coaching principles, I work with your teams to get them on the right path for success. This is often helping to set up a new team, supporting a team that is struggling to hit its targets or helping a team create a vision for success.

No two teams are ever the same and this is a 100% bespoke service. Book a chat with me to discuss your team performance needs.

Time to think & Creating Psychological Safety

Teams often don’t give themselves time to think. Quality time where they can work together to solve problems and find solutions to their biggest challenges. Building on the principles of Nancy Klein’s ‘Time to Think’ work, I help teams to lift the quality of their thinking which has a dramatic impact on their ability to make decisions and take action.

Creating psychological safety in teams is crucial. In today's competitive and complex landscape, leaders cannot use simple, linear solutions to solve complex challenges and unravel ambiguous situations. I help leaders create psychological safety that allows team members at all levels to offer their views, perspectives and challenge. When team members feel safe within the team culture, everyone can contribute their thoughts and ideas without fear of consequences.

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