It’s the great leaders in your organisation that create the most value

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Leaders with the right skills and mindset are the key to the future

An organisation is only ever as effective as the leadership at the helm. If you want a serious competitive advantage you need the best talent in your sector. You have two choices. You can either headhunt the people you want, or you can develop the rising stars you already have.

Skills Box: A fresh approach to developing first-line managers

Skills Box is a hybrid personalised approach to management development that combines group work and 1-to-1 coaching. It’s an in-depth process that develops the confidence, capability and competency of your first-line managers. This programme is run in conjunction with Sarah Cooper of Development Garden.

Our aim is to equip first-line managers with a range of practical tools and techniques that will increase their effectiveness.

Inspiring Leadership Programme

A three-day leadership development programme that will really engage your emerging and current mid-level and senior leaders. This is a bespoke programme that is designed to focus on the needs of the organisation and the capabilities of the participants.

Time to Think, a forum for Senior Leaders

We all know that leadership can come with a sense of feeling isolated from the day to day rhythm of the business. The Time To Think forum is a facilitated peer-to-peer membership for up 5 leaders. We will meet once a quarter and discuss the key challenges facing each member.

The forum is a safe and confidential place to express vulnerability, vent some frustrations and get fresh perspectives from like-minded members.

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