The Coaching Process


Achieving your goals

To enable the best results I utilise a straightforward, progressive process based on many years of experimentation and experience. The process provides a consistent structure allowing freedom to personalise each individual step. It is based on seven key steps.

Step one: Choose the right coach for you

Working with a coach is a relationship based on mutual trust. This is fundamental for success, allowing for the appropriate levels of challenge and support.

Please feel free to explore my website to get a sense of who I am, my style, and my approach. You can decide whether or not it feels right for you. You can also book a conversation with me to explore how we could work together.

Step two: Discovery call

This first conversation is around an hour and will help you to confirm if I'm the right coach for you. My goal is to offer you an opportunity to be open and feel certain we are a good fit as coach and coachee. During the conversation, I will ask you to provide insight around your goals, current challenges, and your previous experience of coaching. I will further explain the process and prepare you for getting the most from your investment.

Ultimately I will get a feeling if coaching is the right approach for you, and if not, I'm always honest and will support you to find something different.

Step three: Coaching questionnaire

Once we decide to work together you will receive a pre-coaching questionnaire in advance of our first scheduled session. This ensures that every session is of value to you, the questionnaire will help create the focus for achieving your goals.

Step four: 360° feedback & diagnostics

Sometimes we decide up front (possibly with your line manager), that running a 360° feedback will be extremely beneficial to maximising your results. I will speak to 6 of your colleagues to gain their perspective on your strengths and any areas that need further development. We might also run a psychometric tool called Hogan, which looks at your behavioural approach when you are at your best and when under pressure.

Post diagnostics I then conduct a 3-way call with your line manager to ensure that your needs, the needs of your line manager, and the organisation are aligned. This session is also vital to enable your line manager to support you in embedding new behaviours and approaches in your day to day.

Step five: Getting started with focussed 1-to-1 coaching

During the first session we will get forensic, understanding your current situation and relevant insight from the past. We draw together data from the diagnostics and start to prioritise around your goals, forming well-formed outcomes. This session is where we establish how we work together clarifying our expectations of each other.

Step six: Ongoing sessions

We will meet regularly, virtually or face to face establishing a regular pattern of progress that creates momentum. This is roughly every three to four weeks for around 2 hours per session. I will challenge you to invest in these sessions, to establish key priorities to explore and resolve during the sessions. In these sessions I will own the process, checking in with you, ensuring you are gaining valuable insight and clear outcomes from each meeting.

Step seven: Final session & next steps

At the end of our coaching assignment, we will review your progress against your goals and identify what additional support you might need going forward. This is often (but not always) done with your line manager as they will hopefully be supporting you as you transition out of the coaching.

People often decide to continue with the coaching. Providing there is a clear purpose, this is absolutely fine and normal.

My coaching model:

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